Here’s to you, Summer 2018

Dear Summer 2018,

Thank you for everything you did for me.

Thank you for everything you gave me and brought into my life.

Thank you for giving me a breath of fresh air and a sense of hope.

Dear Summer 2018,

I welcomed you with fear and uncertainty, but you quickly helped me realize you were a safe place.

Heading into a summer of unknowns made me nervous, as I am someone who wants to plan everything.

But, you taught me it is okay to be spontaneous — to embrace the unknown.

Dear Summer 2018,

Thank you for pushing me to my limits.

You took me on a 36 hour motor home trip to a different country.

You had me fly in a four person airplane and sit in a tall tree stand to hunt for my very first time.

You allowed me to visit California for the very first time, and swim in the warm Florida ocean.

You brought the most wonderful people into my life and pushed me to form bonds that will not be broken, as well as strengthen already existing ones.

Dear Summer 2018,

Thank you for pushing my to my limits — not only in my personal life but in my professional life.

You helped confirm the thought that Public Relations is the calling that’s been placed on my life.

You taught me how to explore, research, create, and work in a team.

You showed me I have a deep passion for showcasing the best of a company through the lens of social media.

You gave me tasks I realized don’t spark my interest, even though they fall within the realm of Public Relations.

Most importantly, you showed me it’s okay to grow.

It’s okay to move on and to embrace a new life you never pictured for yourself.

It’s important to know how to communicate and work with others who are different from you.

And it’s important to “never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.” (A Cinderella Story).


Until next time,


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