Instagram vs. Facebook

For reference — Instagram following/followers: 769/740, Facebook friends: 1,020

There is so much strategy that goes into social media whether it’s for your own personal brand or an organization.

It’s not only the easiest way for people to access information about you, but it is typically the best way for you to showcase what you want others to know about your personal or professional life.

Though they are both social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook can be and are used in different ways by many people.

For now, I will give you some insight into how my use of the two mediums differ as well as strategies you can keep in mind when building your platforms.

Amount of posts per day

What I do – Instagram: I utilize their “stories” feature way more than I post on my actual feed. I will post photos, songs, quotes, videos, etc. on my Instagram story pretty much whenever I feel like it. My feed is reserved for photos I *think* are artsy or mark a special occasion such as a close friend’s birthday or an event. I only post, at most, once per week unless there’s more than one special occasion occurring.

Developing a Strategy – Instagram: The most important thing is to decide what type of photos you want to post on your feed. For me personally, I am going to try to post photos with the same color schemes or aesthetic, so that when people visit my profile they can physically see a theme in my posts. I will stick to posting photos I *think* are artsy, as well as special occasions.

What I do – Facebook: As recently as last school year, I was mainly sharing articles or videos I had seen on this platform. As time has gone on, I have steered away from that because I realized I was posting SO much content, even though it wasn’t my organic content. Now, I typically only post photos from the school year so my family knows what I am up to. When I do share posts, it is usually from my church, the choir I am in at school, or an article I’ve read that I feel is extremely important or insightful. I steer clear of posting super controversial topics or political posts.

Developing a strategy – Facebook: For the most part, I’ve already implemented my strategy to my Facebook. I believe the goal is to not overwhelm your friends with posts like your grandma (or mom, in my case!) would. To avoid this, I will spend more time sharing things that I am passionate about such as things going on at my church, posts from my school, and articles that are really thought-provoking (in addition to photos from school to keep my family updated). The key is to be selective when sharing posts to your feed.

Interaction with your followers

What I do – Instagram & Facebook: Because interaction on both platforms is fairly similar, I’ve grouped them together for this section. Interaction is also extremely important if you want to keep your followers engaged in what you post (Instagram) and in maintaining relationships with your friends (Facebook). For the most part, my friends and followers are not people I see very often, so interacting with them helps with that.

On Instagram, I try to respond to everyone who comments on my posts or responds to my stories, as well as liking their photos they post on their feed. On Facebook, I react to their status usually with a “like,” “love,” or “laugh.” I comment on a lot of posts as well if I find them interesting, super funny, or am giving well-wishes to someone.

Developing a Strategy – Instagram & Facebook: In the future, my goal is to continue interacting with my followers but even more. There are times I don’t interact or I comment what I’m thinking, but this is something that I and others could do when on our social media. The biggest goal with this is to just keep communication open between me and my followers, allowing for a more personalized approach.

The amount of posts you put on your social media and interaction with your followers and friends are two of the most critical areas to be aware of. Knowing how to best manage these two aspects will help you be successful with your platforms in the long run. There are still things need to work on to better my platforms, but I hope these two insights helped you!


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