Just Skimm it

One of the most popular and important tools any PR professional can utilize in their everyday life is theSkimm.

According to their website, theSkimm is a membership company who makes it easier to live a smarter life by integrating in the routines of their target audience — female millennials.

They write about everything from tax policies to how to fold fitted sheets.

The biggest part of being a public relations professional is being informed. It’s hard to find credible sources to bring you news every morning, but theSkimm is an exception.

They give you everything you need to know without fluffing — they are straight to the point. This is so nice to have because when you are in our profession because life is fast-paced and you don’t necessarily have the time it takes to read lengthy articles.

One thing I love about theSkimm is that they write their news stories as if they were a friend giving you the information. It’s a very conversational and comfortable tone, which makes receiving the information easier.

The second thing I love about theSkimm is that they have an app you can download to your phone or tablet. This makes staying informed even easier because you get a notification every morning reminding you to check theSkimm, which gives little to no excuse for not being informed.

Staying informed the the number one thing we have to do in our public relations profession because we have to know what is going on in the world and in different industries in our country. theSkimm helps with all of these areas and that’s why this is such a helpful tool to have.

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