iPhone what?

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but at the end of last week Apple released commercials and graphics for their latest version of the iPhone.

By now, it’s probably hard to keep track of how many iPhones there are and what their names are. Most recently, they have released three new phones — the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

As usual, all three phones boast new technologies, better cameras, and an increasing presence in your everyday life. There’s one big difference though.

The starting price for these three phones is $750, an increase in $50 from the iPhone 8 which was the “cheaper” version of the iPhone X which ran at $1,000. The pricing for the iPhone XS is $1,000, while the iPhone XS Max costs $1,100.

These pricing increases don’t seem too significant considering Apple has steadily increased their prices on their phones, but when you take into consideration they have discontinued their cheapest phone, the iPhone SE ($350), you can see the drastic difference.

The problem with this, as Business Insider pointed out, is that Apple is now becoming a luxury brand. This makes it more difficult for the average person to purchase their products. In the short term, they will be making a lot of money. But will it pay off in the long run if their customer base decreases?

From a public relations standpoint, I don’t believe this is the smartest move for Apple. Sure, they believe their customers will stay loyal no matter the price increase. But, how long will that last when there are equally as good options at much lower prices?

At some point, the money will speak and people who want iPhones will not be able to purchase them simply because their finances won’t allow it. This is something that Apple needs to take into much consideration because as a potential Apple customer, their prices are what puts me to an automatic halt.

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