Response: 5 Keys to Effective Instagram Marketing

I read an article today published by Social Media Today titled, “5 Keys to Effective Instagram Marketing.”

I chose this article because Instagram is something that I still haven’t discovered how to use effectively.

I can use Facebook like a pro, but when it comes to Instagram there’s just something lacking. Which is unfortunate, because it is the fastest-growing and most popular social media outlet for millennials.

The first tip it gave was to use a professional filter on your photo.

This basically just means don’t edit your photos so they look unnatural — the goal is to bring out the best features of the photo through editing the exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.

Because Instagram is such a visual platform, having photos that look natural but professional is important in catching the eye.

This is an example with the Instagram account for the clothing store, Altar’d State.


Their photos all look very professional but also natural. There’s no crazy editing that has been done to draw negative attention from the viewer.

The second tip is to re-gram your fan content.

This means that when a fan mentions you in their story, re-post it to your account! This keeps your audience engaged — hoping they’ll be featured on your account — and gives proof that customers really do love your product.

A great example of this is an Instagramer named Courtney Collingsworth.


Courtney is known for singing with her family, but has also grown a large following as a beauty and clothing blogger on Instagram. Many fans follow her for fashion advice, and she never disappoints!

Because her following has grown so large, she was given the opportunity to create her own clothing line with a boutique called Lace ‘n Lilac. Courtney has done an amazing job at re-posting photos she is tagged in by her followers who have purchased items from her line. She is so consistent about it which keeps her fans completely engaged.

The third tip was so simple but easily overlooked — place a link in you biography on your profile!

When people click on your profile and want more information, it is SO important to have somewhere for them to go for more.

Forever 21 is an example of a company who does this. Their link takes you directly to a site with photos they’ve either posted or been tagged in on Instagram. When you click on the photo, you have the option to purchase a clothing item from the photo.


The fourth tip is to use your brand influencers.

Younger generations are more likely to take the word of a real-life person who is using your product. They want to see that someone who can more easily relate to them is using your product instead of just an actor.

An example of this is is Flat Tummy Co. They have a paid partnership with Khloe Kardashian, who posts photos using their products on her account.


By having a Kardashian endorsing their product, they gain more customers and a larger audience, while Khloe gets paid. It’s a win-win situation.

The last piece of advice they gave was to post consistently.

You want to make sure you are posting constant on a normal schedule so people can be on the lookout for your posts. You don’t want to have a random post here or a random post there. Instead, you want to have a strategic plan in place with content your audience wants to see.

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