Top 10 most “Olivet” things ever

  1. “Let’s get coffee.”letsgetcoffeeHow many times have you heard this one before? Actually, how many times have you actually followed through on this statement? Probably not many times. This is the typical, “Wow I haven’t seen you in so long, let’s catch up sometime” statement at Olivet. But majority of the time, it’s just a statement. It doesn’t actually happen.
  2. “Which church are you going to on Sunday?”churchSometimes this doubles as an option for a date. Sometimes it’s out of genuine curiosity. One thing is for sure though, you’re probably not going to hear this on a regular basis at a state school.
  3. “Don’t worry, it’s sparkling grape juice!”sparklingjuiceThe paranoia that comes with posting photos on New Years Eve while attending a school with a “no alcohol” policy…worrying you could get in trouble if someone thinks you’re sparkling grape juice isn’t actually juice. Better safe than sorry!
  4. “Ring before spring.”ringDo I really even need to get into this one? Over fall break, I counted 10 engagements. It’s safe to say at a small Christian school, this is a pretty common thing. Hey, it’s just more pretty photos of rings to look at and couples to be jealous of while we stuff our faces with ice cream, waiting on Prince Charming.
  5. “I’ve already used 2 chapel skips, I gotta wait a little before I use my last one.”chapelI don’t think anyone who goes to a state school would understand this. Sometimes not even people who attend other Christian schools do. How do you determine when to utilize one of your chapel skips? The strategy that goes into this one….it’s actually impressive.
  6. “Oh no, it’s not open dorms…meet in the passion pit?”passionpitThe beloved passion pit…where every freshman fling started (and probably ended). No, we can’t go to the opposite gender’s rooms whenever we want. Yes, we have designated times we can be in each others rooms (WITH the door open, I might add.)
  7. “Oh no it’s Sunday…the rec doesn’t open until 2 and the library opens at 6.” whyHow many times have you walked to the library or rec to catch up on your homework you didn’t do over the weekend, only to realize it’s closed so it’s workers can have time to attend church and eat lunch before coming to work? How considerate….for them.
  8. “Hi friend!”hifriendDo people not know my name? Do they just really like announcing to the people standing nearby that I’m their friend? Not going to lie…I say this sometimes when I forget people’s names. Better to call them “friend” than to say you forgot their name…right?
  9. “Man, that chapel speaker was just really speaking to me today.”chapelspeakerEver left chapel and you’re just like, “Dang, I think he was speaking directly to me today,”? Yeah, same. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you wouldn’t hear this at many other schools.
  10. “We believe you belong here.”webelieveThe classic statement that convinces everyone to come to Olivet, right? We believe you belong here! No really, we BELIEVE you BELONG here. Seriously, We BeLiEvE YoU bElOnG hErE! No other school believes you belong at their school. I promise.

Nike Blog Piece

(this is a mock blog piece for Nike during a social media analysis project).

Hello All!

Nike would like to extend a gracious thank you to all who have shown nothing but overflowing support of our 30 year anniversary campaign titled, “Just Do It.” We appreciate you and all of your support.

Nike realizes the controversy that comes when taking a stance on social issues, but we believe it is our duty to use our platform and voice to speak out against the injustice that exists in our society.

Though we, as a country, have come a very long way since the beginning of our great nation, we have much work to do to create a safe and equal space for all the wonderful citizens of our country.

We celebrate this campaign with those who support our cause, but we also understand there are many who disagree and do not support this campaign. Our goal, from the beginning stages of planning this campaign, was to raise awareness of issues crippling our society.

Nike asks those who oppose our campaign to still listen, to watch, and to join conversations with those whom you disagree with.

Our campaign has caused far too many hateful conversations. We ask both those who agree and disagree with us to come together and have civil conversation with one another. Both sides can learn from the other.

Again, we thank those who have shown us amazing support in this time and we encourage you to continue having conversations and raising awareness of issues you have found to exist in our culture.

Let this also serve as a reminder that anyone can do anything they set their mind to. You have the power to get yourself where you want to be.

Just do it.

– Nike

Expand your sources

Often times we get so caught up in what’s going on in our country and in our media, that we forget there are other events occurring in the world around us.

Speaking specifically of the United States, our media tends to showcase all that’s happening in our country (and doesn’t it seem like SO much of it is negative?!) and then they will throw in a little bit of news from other countries.

Along with that, it seems almost impossible to find a news outlet without a bias or agenda in politics — for example, CNN and Fox News.

Both outlets tend to lean towards one political belief over the other, which makes it hard to trust them 100%.

For this reason, I’ve been more conscious about looking at multiple media outlets and sources to find information on what is going on instead of taking just one news source’s word for it.

And, what better place to look at information on other country’s news than an international news source?

Allow me to introduce the British Broadcasting System (BBC).

bbc news logo

BBC reports on the top news stories from all over the world in every type of category including sports, weather, shopping, travel, earth, capital, and more.

It’s so interesting to read their reports involving the United States. For example, an article written about President Trump’s plans to withdraw from a Cold War nuclear weapons treaty. It’s written from an outside point of view which comes across objective and without bias. (click photo below to read article)

us news

At the same time, it’s very cool to read news about other countries written without an American point of view. As we’ve talked about in a few of my classes, a lot of times the U.S. only really mentions tragedies such as bombings, diseases, fallen governments, etc.

BBC wrote a report on a Saudi Arabian journalist who is believed to be murdered. This article is written, again, from an objective point of view. Though the article itself is about the opinion of Saudi Arabians, the author does not contribute their opinion. (click on photo below to read article).

saudi arabia

The contribution of opinion and bias in American media outlets is almost possible to avoid. As stated earlier, it’s always smart to look at multiple reports on very different outlets, including international ones.


PRSSA National Conference 2018 Reflection

How do I even start this reflection…other than saying PRSSA National Conference was literally THE BEST time I’ve had in such a long time.


I got to attend with the best group of young women (shout out Rachel, Becca, Kyla, and Neiry):


I had the chance to pull out some of my favorite and most fashionable professional clothing pieces:


I met some beautiful and talented friends:


And I explored one of the prettiest cities I’ve been to (yet):


Though all of this was amazing and I had a great time getting to know the other girls in my chapter who went as well as new friends, I am even more grateful for the amazing professional development growth I received.

Two speakers who really stuck out to me were Jason Mollica and Jonathan Mildenhall.

Mollica spoke about strategies for personal branding. He offered very thought-provoking questions and tips to help your branding as you move forward in the professional world. This was important to me because as I continue in the professional world, it becomes more and more crucial for me to make sure I am putting my best foot forward when people visit my social media profiles.

Mildenhall focused his session on the word “purpose.” He posed the thought that what drives a successful campaign is the purpose behind it. If you have an actual purpose behind the campaign you’re launching, something that stirs your passion, it will have a better chance of succeeding. This was important to me because passion is something I thrive off of. I want to be passionate in the work I do. I know that if I am not passionate about the mission of the campaign or the company I’m working for, I won’t be putting my whole heart into it.

This experience 100% confirmed that I am in the right career field. Public Relations is what was meant for me.

It also helped confirm that social media advertising and promotion is the direction I want to take within the public relations realm.

I’m not sure exactly what that looks like, but I know that the path set before me will continue to be made clear through the opportunities and experiences afforded to me by PRSSA and the university I attend.

As I mentioned previously, this conference was amazing. I made so many connections with other young professionals, grew closer with others in my chapter, and gained so much incredible professional advice and strategies that I will carry with me throughout my career.

Here’s to PRSSA National Conference 2018!


How Nike compares to the 15 effective content types

This blog is a comparison of Nike’s social media to some of the 15 effective content types laid out in Orbit Media Studio’s, “Best Practices for Mastering 15 Effective Content Types.”


When you go to Nike’s blog at, this is immediately what you see. There’s an interesting headline to grab readers’ attention; which is the goal.

nike blog

Once you dig deeper into the website, you find the topics of all their articles listed as follows:

nike blog2

Each category is well laid-out and very engaging. All of these topics are relevant to the mission of Nike and let viewers gain a better understanding of all the company embodies.


When it comes to eBooks, Nike’s founder and board chairman Phil Knight has written a novel laying out the company’s early days and its path to success.


This eBook allows supports (and maybe even critics) of Nike to have an inside view of the company from the perspective of one of it’s key people. This allows for support no matter how you may feel about the company, because it shows how far the company has come.


This is one area that could definitely be improved. Nike posts a lot of images across their social media but fails to post them on social media. This isn’t to say they aren’t used on their websites, but they aren’t used across their popular platforms.


This is one of the most popular uses of Nike’s social media. Between social media posts and commercials, Nike makes the use of video integral to their marketing and public relations strategy. The best example of this is the campaign they just released for the 30 year anniversary of their “Just Do It” campaign, also titled “Just Do It.” These videos have been used across the nation for commercials and social media posts.

nike campaign

Click this link to watch the full commercial.

Overall, out of the 15 types of content marketing, Nike is doing all of them. Some of them (such as quizzes, infographics, etc) not as well, but overall they are doing well. By using most of these types of content and executing them well, Nike’s marketing, public relations, and social media strategy in particular are very advanced in the market.

The Hunger Games PR Campaign

So, I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a huge fan of The Hunger Games.

Image result for the hunger games

I’m not like a die-hard, obsessed fan, but I still love watching the movies.

When you think of big movies that have done well in the box office, many times you only remember the commercials you saw for it.

Not many people look at the other PR and marketing tactics.

But, let’s explore how “The Hunger Games” promoted their movie to inspire vampire-crazed fans (from Twilight) to follow their action-packed trilogy.

Image result for twilight Image result for the hunger games

The first thing the PR and Marketing teams for “The Hunger Games” had to figure out is who their audience was going to be and where to meet them.

Obviously, they went straight for the youth and teen audience.

When they started promoting their movie, obviously commercials are a key aspect. But, that wasn’t all they did.

Available the day the first movie released, fans were able to access “The Hunger Games Adventures” — an online gaming world which is set in the location the characters in the movie are from — Panem.

Image result for the hunger games adventures

By playing this game, fans were able to unlock sneak peeks or behind-the-scenes footage that no one else was able to access.

This pushes and creates an environment of excitement in the fan base of The Hunger Games.

In addition to an online gaming world, The Hunger Games soundtrack features many popular artists including Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and Birdy.

Image result for taylor swift Image result for maroon 5 Image result for birdy

All three of these artists are popular in their audience, so doesn’t it make sense that they’d have them sing in their soundtrack?

By doing this, The Hunger Games movie gained support and promotion from three huge artists and in turn, gained support from some of those artist’s fans.

One more thing they did that is a little more “unconventional” is that they created a clothing line based off of the clothing worn by some of the characters in the movie who lived in “the Capital.”

Obviously, the clothing line was named “Capital Couture.”

Image result for capitol couture hunger games

With all the interactive opportunities The Hunger Games PR and marketing teams created, it’s no wonder this movie was such a success.

Allowing fans to get involved in the experience of the movie and have special access is something that excites and brings more attention to the movie.

And that’s exactly what The Hunger Games did and accomplished.



*Information found from the following sites

All Hail Amazon

It’s no secret that Amazon basically runs the game.

I mean, who do you know who DOESN’T love Amazon? Not many people, I’d guess.

Similarly, Snapchat is one of the top social media outlets out there, next to Instagram and Facebook.

With a market made of mostly millennials, Amazon was smart to approach a partnership with Snapchat.

Combining two of the top platforms and sites used by millennials might honestly be the best idea ever.

So what’s the big idea, you might ask?

Amazon and Snapchat are partnering up to make access to shopping easier for you.

Yes, you read that right.

A trial-run of a new feature on Snapchat is now being tested which allows their users to scan a barcode or take a photo of something and if it’s available on Amazon, a card will appear on the screen which will allow you to purchase it right then and there if you want.

This development is huge not only for Snapchat users, but for Amazon itself.

Multiple times before, Amazon has tried to launch its own apps and they haven’t panned out. But, in partnering with an app like Snapchat, they will be able to drive traffic to their site and spike sales.

This is creating a trend and paving the way to a modernized retail industry.

Giving consumers immediate access to items they see online that they want to buy will drastically increase sale and the way people shop in general.

I am so excited to see how this partnership pans out and what the response to the trials will be. I, for one, am all for this! But, my wallet may not be…

Not-so-popular cheerleaders

This blog post is written as a response to the article, No Longer Anonymous, Former N.F.L. Cheerleaders Demand More to Protect Women.

This past week as I was scrolling through sports news, one story automatically grabbed my attention.

Any time I see or hear the word “cheerleader,” my attention is automatically caught.

This is because I was a cheerleader for 14 years and it is one of my biggest passions. (enjoy some photos of me from my senior year of high school)

When I was a cheerleader, I never felt that I was being sexualized and I never felt unsafe while in my uniform or in my role as a cheerleader in general.

But, for a few former Washington Redskins cheerleaders, that’s not the case.

Rebecca Cummings is a 31-year-old former Redskins cheerleader who claims she worked in an environment of sexual harassment and intimidation on the job while a part of the Redskins organization.

She and five other women came forward anonymously to The New York Times in May to tell about their experiences and call for changes to be made in the program.

But now, Cummings and another teammate, Allison Cassidy, have identified themselves in hopes that more women will feel comfortable enough to speak out against workplace harassment.

Since these allegations were made, an investigation was launched to decide the truth of what has been accused.

Though they found that the core of the stories told were true, team spokesman Maury Lane said they were “greatly exaggerated.”

Regardless, the Redskins have made changes to their cheerleading program to bring more protection.

These changes include new uniforms that show less skin for a group of cheerleaders who talk to fans but do not perform on the sidelines, no invitations to the calendar photo shoot in Mexico, two female officers for security, and no longer assigning cheerleaders to private events.

The question is — did the Washington Redskins handle this problem the correct way (from a PR standpoint)?

Many people have different views on this.

To the women who spoke up about this issue, they feel like there hasn’t been enough done. According to the article, they would have liked to see those in leadership of the cheer program removed.

From my own PR standpoint, I don’t believe it is necessary to remove the leadership — at the moment.

If reports continue to show from past and present cheerleaders that the leadership creates an environment of intimidation into uncomfortable situations, that is a route that should be explored.

But what I really would have liked to see from the Redskin cheerleaders’ leadership is an apology, as opposed to a statement that their stories are exaggerated.

No matter what claims were placed against them, the women are sharing what happened from their point of view and their emotions.

A simple, “we are so sorry for anything that may have been said to make these women feel they were being forced into something they were uncomfortable with,” would have been enough.

A statement along those lines would have created a more positive situation, instead of an “us” vs. “them” mentality.

I don’t believe that this situation was handled as delicately as it should’ve been by the Redskins cheerleading coaches.

In the future, especially with issues pertaining to sexual harassment and the treatment of women, the Washington Redskins need to take the time and effort to fully understand where the claims are coming from before disregarding the person making them.

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