All Hail Amazon

It’s no secret that Amazon basically runs the game.

I mean, who do you know who DOESN’T love Amazon? Not many people, I’d guess.

Similarly, Snapchat is one of the top social media outlets out there, next to Instagram and Facebook.

With a market made of mostly millennials, Amazon was smart to approach a partnership with Snapchat.

Combining two of the top platforms and sites used by millennials might honestly be the best idea ever.

So what’s the big idea, you might ask?

Amazon and Snapchat are partnering up to make access to shopping easier for you.

Yes, you read that right.

A trial-run of a new feature on Snapchat is now being tested which allows their users to scan a barcode or take a photo of something and if it’s available on Amazon, a card will appear on the screen which will allow you to purchase it right then and there if you want.

This development is huge not only for Snapchat users, but for Amazon itself.

Multiple times before, Amazon has tried to launch its own apps and they haven’t panned out. But, in partnering with an app like Snapchat, they will be able to drive traffic to their site and spike sales.

This is creating a trend and paving the way to a modernized retail industry.

Giving consumers immediate access to items they see online that they want to buy will drastically increase sale and the way people shop in general.

I am so excited to see how this partnership pans out and what the response to the trials will be. I, for one, am all for this! But, my wallet may not be…

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