The Hunger Games PR Campaign

So, I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a huge fan of The Hunger Games.

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I’m not like a die-hard, obsessed fan, but I still love watching the movies.

When you think of big movies that have done well in the box office, many times you only remember the commercials you saw for it.

Not many people look at the other PR and marketing tactics.

But, let’s explore how “The Hunger Games” promoted their movie to inspire vampire-crazed fans (from Twilight) to follow their action-packed trilogy.

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The first thing the PR and Marketing teams for “The Hunger Games” had to figure out is who their audience was going to be and where to meet them.

Obviously, they went straight for the youth and teen audience.

When they started promoting their movie, obviously commercials are a key aspect. But, that wasn’t all they did.

Available the day the first movie released, fans were able to access “The Hunger Games Adventures” — an online gaming world which is set in the location the characters in the movie are from — Panem.

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By playing this game, fans were able to unlock sneak peeks or behind-the-scenes footage that no one else was able to access.

This pushes and creates an environment of excitement in the fan base of The Hunger Games.

In addition to an online gaming world, The Hunger Games soundtrack features many popular artists including Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and Birdy.

Image result for taylor swift Image result for maroon 5 Image result for birdy

All three of these artists are popular in their audience, so doesn’t it make sense that they’d have them sing in their soundtrack?

By doing this, The Hunger Games movie gained support and promotion from three huge artists and in turn, gained support from some of those artist’s fans.

One more thing they did that is a little more “unconventional” is that they created a clothing line based off of the clothing worn by some of the characters in the movie who lived in “the Capital.”

Obviously, the clothing line was named “Capital Couture.”

Image result for capitol couture hunger games

With all the interactive opportunities The Hunger Games PR and marketing teams created, it’s no wonder this movie was such a success.

Allowing fans to get involved in the experience of the movie and have special access is something that excites and brings more attention to the movie.

And that’s exactly what The Hunger Games did and accomplished.



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