How Nike compares to the 15 effective content types

This blog is a comparison of Nike’s social media to some of the 15 effective content types laid out in Orbit Media Studio’s, “Best Practices for Mastering 15 Effective Content Types.”


When you go to Nike’s blog at, this is immediately what you see. There’s an interesting headline to grab readers’ attention; which is the goal.

nike blog

Once you dig deeper into the website, you find the topics of all their articles listed as follows:

nike blog2

Each category is well laid-out and very engaging. All of these topics are relevant to the mission of Nike and let viewers gain a better understanding of all the company embodies.


When it comes to eBooks, Nike’s founder and board chairman Phil Knight has written a novel laying out the company’s early days and its path to success.


This eBook allows supports (and maybe even critics) of Nike to have an inside view of the company from the perspective of one of it’s key people. This allows for support no matter how you may feel about the company, because it shows how far the company has come.


This is one area that could definitely be improved. Nike posts a lot of images across their social media but fails to post them on social media. This isn’t to say they aren’t used on their websites, but they aren’t used across their popular platforms.


This is one of the most popular uses of Nike’s social media. Between social media posts and commercials, Nike makes the use of video integral to their marketing and public relations strategy. The best example of this is the campaign they just released for the 30 year anniversary of their “Just Do It” campaign, also titled “Just Do It.” These videos have been used across the nation for commercials and social media posts.

nike campaign

Click this link to watch the full commercial.

Overall, out of the 15 types of content marketing, Nike is doing all of them. Some of them (such as quizzes, infographics, etc) not as well, but overall they are doing well. By using most of these types of content and executing them well, Nike’s marketing, public relations, and social media strategy in particular are very advanced in the market.

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