Expand your sources

Often times we get so caught up in what’s going on in our country and in our media, that we forget there are other events occurring in the world around us.

Speaking specifically of the United States, our media tends to showcase all that’s happening in our country (and doesn’t it seem like SO much of it is negative?!) and then they will throw in a little bit of news from other countries.

Along with that, it seems almost impossible to find a news outlet without a bias or agenda in politics — for example, CNN and Fox News.

Both outlets tend to lean towards one political belief over the other, which makes it hard to trust them 100%.

For this reason, I’ve been more conscious about looking at multiple media outlets and sources to find information on what is going on instead of taking just one news source’s word for it.

And, what better place to look at information on other country’s news than an international news source?

Allow me to introduce the British Broadcasting System (BBC).

bbc news logo

BBC reports on the top news stories from all over the world in every type of category including sports, weather, shopping, travel, earth, capital, and more.

It’s so interesting to read their reports involving the United States. For example, an article written about President Trump’s plans to withdraw from a Cold War nuclear weapons treaty. It’s written from an outside point of view which comes across objective and without bias. (click photo below to read article)

us news

At the same time, it’s very cool to read news about other countries written without an American point of view. As we’ve talked about in a few of my classes, a lot of times the U.S. only really mentions tragedies such as bombings, diseases, fallen governments, etc.

BBC wrote a report on a Saudi Arabian journalist who is believed to be murdered. This article is written, again, from an objective point of view. Though the article itself is about the opinion of Saudi Arabians, the author does not contribute their opinion. (click on photo below to read article).

saudi arabia

The contribution of opinion and bias in American media outlets is almost possible to avoid. As stated earlier, it’s always smart to look at multiple reports on very different outlets, including international ones.


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