Top 10 most “Olivet” things ever

  1. “Let’s get coffee.”letsgetcoffeeHow many times have you heard this one before? Actually, how many times have you actually followed through on this statement? Probably not many times. This is the typical, “Wow I haven’t seen you in so long, let’s catch up sometime” statement at Olivet. But majority of the time, it’s just a statement. It doesn’t actually happen.
  2. “Which church are you going to on Sunday?”churchSometimes this doubles as an option for a date. Sometimes it’s out of genuine curiosity. One thing is for sure though, you’re probably not going to hear this on a regular basis at a state school.
  3. “Don’t worry, it’s sparkling grape juice!”sparklingjuiceThe paranoia that comes with posting photos on New Years Eve while attending a school with a “no alcohol” policy…worrying you could get in trouble if someone thinks you’re sparkling grape juice isn’t actually juice. Better safe than sorry!
  4. “Ring before spring.”ringDo I really even need to get into this one? Over fall break, I counted 10 engagements. It’s safe to say at a small Christian school, this is a pretty common thing. Hey, it’s just more pretty photos of rings to look at and couples to be jealous of while we stuff our faces with ice cream, waiting on Prince Charming.
  5. “I’ve already used 2 chapel skips, I gotta wait a little before I use my last one.”chapelI don’t think anyone who goes to a state school would understand this. Sometimes not even people who attend other Christian schools do. How do you determine when to utilize one of your chapel skips? The strategy that goes into this one….it’s actually impressive.
  6. “Oh no, it’s not open dorms…meet in the passion pit?”passionpitThe beloved passion pit…where every freshman fling started (and probably ended). No, we can’t go to the opposite gender’s rooms whenever we want. Yes, we have designated times we can be in each others rooms (WITH the door open, I might add.)
  7. “Oh no it’s Sunday…the rec doesn’t open until 2 and the library opens at 6.” whyHow many times have you walked to the library or rec to catch up on your homework you didn’t do over the weekend, only to realize it’s closed so it’s workers can have time to attend church and eat lunch before coming to work? How considerate….for them.
  8. “Hi friend!”hifriendDo people not know my name? Do they just really like announcing to the people standing nearby that I’m their friend? Not going to lie…I say this sometimes when I forget people’s names. Better to call them “friend” than to say you forgot their name…right?
  9. “Man, that chapel speaker was just really speaking to me today.”chapelspeakerEver left chapel and you’re just like, “Dang, I think he was speaking directly to me today,”? Yeah, same. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you wouldn’t hear this at many other schools.
  10. “We believe you belong here.”webelieveThe classic statement that convinces everyone to come to Olivet, right? We believe you belong here! No really, we BELIEVE you BELONG here. Seriously, We BeLiEvE YoU bElOnG hErE! No other school believes you belong at their school. I promise.

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    1. Each semester we are allowed to miss 3 chapel services without an excuse! If you miss more than that without an excuse then you get fined. But, if you have to miss and you have an official excuse, it doesn’t count towards your skips. Hope that makes sense!

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