How Social Media Works with Non-Profits

It’s crazy because so often, we get caught up in running our social media accounts in one specific way.

Whether it’s for our own personal use or a business account we run, we tend to find one way that’s working and continue it.

But for non-profit organizations, they have to think outside the box.

The main goal of a non-profit’s social media use is to attract donors and volunteers.

It’s also tricky because non-profits don’t have the same amount of money to allocate to their marketing and social media use as big companies so they have to be extremely strategic in what they post and where they target it.

Of the social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram are going to be the most popular because they allow you to give a very personal look into the daily happenings of the organization you’re working for.

To attract donors and volunteers, there are five types of posts that would be helpful on to keep in mind when posting to social media platforms.

SHOW people how you’re helping (this would be like showing photos of a dog if you’re from the human society). This is important to post about because you want people to know what your organization is about and how you are ACTUALLY helping the areas around you.

humane society

Keep reoccurring themes (such as Throwback Thursday or Motivational Monday). By doing this, you keep consistency in your posts which is crucial because you want to have a good idea of what type of content you’re posting. You don’t want to just be posting random content — have a purpose.

red cross

Share news articles that pertain to your nonprofit. This is a good way to share information that isn’t biased with your followers to be informed about changes or events that impact your organization.


Publicly thank supporters of your nonprofit. This helps the community know there are opportunities to volunteer for your organization but in addition to that, it’s also a kind gesture to show those who are already supporting that you truly appreciate them.


And last but definitely not least, PROMOTE EVENTS. Social media is going to be one of the most important ways to advertise events you’re hosting and it’s important to use that to your advantage — especially if it’s open to the public.


*5 tips were found on the following website –*

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