My thoughts towards COMM-362

When I learned that through my major, I would have to take a class called Social Media Strategies, I was ECSTATIC.

I believe there is so much potential for advertising and promotion in the world of social media and honestly, I think it will eventually have more influence over consumer purchases than television and radio. 

For anyone who knows me at least semi-well, they know that my dream is to work in social media advertising and promotion. What that means is I would love to manage or oversee all social media content for an organization. 

So, for me to take a class that was literally ALL about social media, was like a Christmas present. 

This class definitely did a great job of explaining more in-depth about the theories and processes in social media which provided so much valuable insight. The textbook alone is something I will keep with me as a I go through my career, but I will probably purchase updated versions of it. 

I like that we were able to learn about the different social media outlets through class presentations as well as analyze the social media of a major corporation. Analyzing social media is something my future job will require a lot of, so I loved having the practice with this project. 

One thing I think could have helped in the course is learning more about how to use data from our social media accounts to grow our followings, both personally and in a business.

I am a very research and number-based person, and I want to make sure that the content going out on my platforms and the platforms for the business accounts I run is what my audience wants to see. So for that reason, I think it would have been beneficial to do some type of case study on ourselves using one of our social media outlets to analyze and try different techniques in order to grow our following. 

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