How to create a social media content calendar

Today, I want to take you step-by-step how to make a social media content calendar. A social media content calendar is key in the organization of your company’s content which helps you keep track of what’s being sent out, on what platform, and when it’s going out. 

I recommend creating this calendar on Google Sheets if you’re a part of a team so each person knows what is going on and has easy access to it. 

In the first line you want to type in the name of your company followed by “Social Media Content Calendar.” Then, merge the cells together. 

In the second line, you’ll put the names of each category you need in the calendar:

week: if it’s for a specific campaign, you’ll want to know what week you’re posting what content

date: so you know exactly when it needs to be posted

time: to tell you what time it needs to be posted on each platform

topic: so you know what type of content you’re posting on what day to keep it different

platform: if you’re managing multiple platforms, you’ll need to indicate what you’re posting and to which platform as you post different things in different ways to each platform. 

caption: this makes it easy to either copy and paste the caption into the text field on the platform you’re posting to or to copy and paste into a platform manager such as HootSuite.

hashtag: if you have a specific hashtag you use when posting on a certain topic, this will help you keep track of it and will help you track if it’s gaining attention

link/visual: this will help you know if you’re posting an article, link to video, graphic, video, etc. and where to find it

approved?: if you’re working underneath someone, you may have to get their permission to post the content you’ve entered.

author: if you work in a team, this is important so you can keep track of who has been posting what content.  

As you can see, in the “week” column, I rotated colors each week to distinguish between them and make it easier to find.

For each platform, it is colored a different color so it’s easy to tell which platform it goes to.

These are honestly a lot of fun to make and even though they take a little bit of time to put together, using a social media content calendar saves SO much time in the long run. 

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